Are you operating in Marine Renewable Energies? Navigate in Full Compliance !

You work at sea, but compliance rules make you dizzy ?
Capeflow is your beacon in the fog of French maritime regulations.

Why is Compliance Crucial?

The complexity of maritime regulations, including staff qualifications, crew social standards and time management, makes compliance imperative to avoid sanctions, delays and reputational damage. Despite the challenges, complying with these rules is not only necessary but essential to prevent the multiple risks associated with non-compliance.

Our Solution: A Course Towards Safety and Serenity

We help you navigate through the complexity of current regulations. With Capeflow, benefit from a personalized strategy to ensure flawless compliance aboard your vessels and on your offshore installations.

Our expertise extends to mapping exclusive economic zones (EEZ) and the various categories of personnel on board ships, whether they are seafarers, non-seafarers, or other employees working on offshore installations. 

Ensure your crew is qualified and that your working time is organized in accordance with international standards. With us, exceeding 72 hours of work per week becomes a secure and compliant option. 

Capeflow is your guarantee of peace of mind. The STCW Convention holds no secrets for us, and we make your compliance our mission. 

Are you a compliance pro?

Assess your knowledge of compliance today ! 

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