International payroll services

Experience a seamless and stress-free payroll process with Capefront Energies’ comprehensive payroll services. Let us handle the intricacies of payroll management, freeing up your time and resources to focus on your core business priorities. Our external payroll solutions are specifically designed for companies operating across borders or seeking to employ short-term contractors in diverse locations.

Whether your company is not registered in the countries where you wish to employ personnel or you require payroll services for short-term projects, we’ve got you covered. Our team of experts is well-versed in international regulations, ensuring compliance and efficiency in every payroll transaction.

With Capefront Energies as your trusted partner, say goodbye to payroll challenges and experience a seamless, reliable, and compliant payroll process that empowers your business to thrive. Let us take care of the complex payroll logistics, so you can concentrate on driving growth and success in your energy projects

Payroll Benefits


Work with our tax compliance experts to ensure timely payroll tax payments and filings. Benefit from the experience and past lessons we've learned over the years.


Our team is dedicated to your payroll management. With an experience of 15 years old in the international markets, we know how to manage within local law specifications.


Every company has its specialist areas based on putting in the hard work, year after year. We've fine-tuned our payroll systems. Delegate this critical task to protect time.

Additional Services

We provide a range of logistic services for our clients in the offshore and marine industries worldwide. We offer support with visas, work permits, insurance, travel advice, tickets, and other logistical matters such as transportation to work sites and temporary housing.

Visa and work permit

We can manage the entire visa and work permit application process for our assignees and accompanying dependant relatives (if any).


Petrolis is a responsible employer which provides its personnel with international medical insurance (including full repatriation cover) and personal accident insurance. We are also able to extend coverage to dependents where applicable, as well as a range of supplementary insurance services.

Travel arrangements

We are widely experienced in managing each stage of the mobilization, demobilization and home leave travel arrangements on behalf of our clients.


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