Technical Recruitment

Capefront Energies offers its clients the opportunity to hire personnel directly from our database. We use our exclusive network and experience to find the right candidate for each position that you may need to fill internally.


to identify your individual needs so that we can be your ideal staffing partner.


to find available candidates from the local community or from other regions using our exclusive network


to detect the desired skills set, qualifications and cultural fit critical to a successful placement. We conduct extensive tests and cross check references.

Performance Monitoring

to provide the highest level of continuous service in the industry. Our professionals are evaluated in collaboration with our clients in assessment reports.


We give you access to the best talent selection

We have 15 years of experience, and 10 offices worldwide. This combination assists our skilled talent acquisition specialists in moving swiftly and efficiently. The result is that our deep candidate pool is both highly experienced and international. 

our evolved model and network result in cost savings

We conduct all the steps of the recruitment process for you. This starts with our refined research process. We then move on to the first interviews and background checks. We completely understand what a perfect candidate fit looks like.

Here are typical examples of job positions that we assist with:

  • Field Engineer
  • Installation Engineer
  • Mooring Engineer
  • Naval Architect
  • Method Engineer
  • Package Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Project Director
  • Tendering & Bid Manager
  • VP & Sales Manager
  • Country & Regional Roles

Discover Capeflow

by capefront

Explore Capeflow by Capefront, an exclusive offering specializing in ensuring compliance for foreign non-European, European, and French personnel engaged in the construction, operation, and maintenance of offshore wind farms within French territorial waters and the exclusive economic zone. With our dedicated approach and commitment to regulatory compliance, we deliver a comprehensive and efficient solution tailored to ensure the success of your offshore wind farm project

Would you like to know if you are compliant ?

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