BUTENDIEK – Offshore Installation

BUTENDIEK – Offshore Installation

BUTENDIEK – Offshore Installation

Location : German North Sea
Project Type : Offshore wind farms
Date : 2014


The scope of work comprised of the inshore loading (Esbjerg), offshore transport and installation onto pre-installed Mono Piles of 80 Transition Pieces.

>June 2014 : cable laying

The cables are loaded in a predetermined sequence onto the cable laying vessel and are laid section by section between the foundations. Their ends are pulled-in the monopiles. Afterwards the cable is buried to the ground.

>September 2014: Offshore Installation

The installation vessel Bold Tern sails with eight sets of turbines from the installation harbour to the project site and installs the turbine in five steps – tower, nacelle and the three rotor blades.

Type of personnel:


Operations Superintendent

Rigger- Diver -Deck foreman -RAT supervisor (SPV)

RAT technician (TEC) -RAT WELDER


Winch Operators


Butendiek is one of the most attractive offshore wind projects in the German North Sea due to its favourable site conditions including wind resources, a convenient water depth of 20 m and perfect soil conditions.

The Butendiek project comprises of 80 Siemens wind turbines on 27 km2 , having a rated power of 3.6 MW, resulting in a total capacity of 288 MW. Since the commissioning in 2015 this wind farm provide renewable energy for approximately 370,000 households.


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