FIRENZE – Decommissioning

FIRENZE – Decommissioning

FIRENZE – Decommissioning

Location: Italy
Project Type : FPSO
Date : 2018



FPSO decommissioning activities
FPSO disconnection activities
Disconnection of the piping and spools above the risers;
Installation of the lifting system on the turret;
Umbilical leads disconnection
Installation of tow lines, pennants, wire ropes for Firenze FPSO Heading Control
Preparation of mooring system for diving vessel

Operating activities:
Pulling head connection to risers and umbilical
Connection of the lowering rigging on the heads



The Firenze FPSO is moored in the Aquila Field, located in the Southern Adriatic Sea, about 50 km North East from Brindisi – Italy, in approximately 850 meter water depth, within the Italian Continental Shelf.

The Field has been developed by 2 (two) subsea wells (AQ2 and AQ3) tied back to a dedicated FPSO.
600,000 bbl minimum storage capacity
Capacity to receive, store and offload crude oil to tandem-moored conventional transportation tankers.
Mooring system comprises of 8 mooring lines, with suction piles.

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