MALIKAI – Mooring & Hook up

MALIKAI – Mooring & Hook up

MALIKAI – Mooring & Hook up

Location : Malaysia
Project Type : Platform, Malikai TLP and Deep Orient , DP2 medium construction vessel, with two ROVs, a 250 Te main crane
Date : 2016


Mobilize Riser Pull-in System (RPS) with dive spread:

  • Install cooling, hydraulic and electrical lines
  • Removal of Transit rigging on RPS
  • Install hydraulic ram on chain chute of the RPS
  • Assist with running tests on RPS
  • Commission RPS
  • 8” & 10” Riser hook up
  • Demobilize RPS

Type of personnel: Deck Forman – RAT – Rigger – Winch operator


The Malikai oil field lies around 100 kilometres (60 miles) off Sabah, Malaysia, in waters about 500 metres (1,640 feet) deep. It comprises two main reservoirs with a peak annual production of 60,000 barrels per day (bbl/d). It is Malaysia’s third deepwater project after the Kikeh and Gumusut Kakap projects.

The platform, which floats on the surface of the sea while moored securely to the seafloor, produces and pipes oil 50km (around 30 miles) to the shallow-water Kebabangan platform for processing.

The objective of the Malikai project was to hook up two SCRs, which consists of an 8” gas pipeline and 10” production line.


Mr MAMD (Technip engineer): “Mr X in particular (as the supervisor) and his team of rats have demonstrated the highest standard of professionalism in their work, flexibility in changing work scopes, adherence to safety standards and livelihood of the overall working environment. Mr X in many occasions have been proactively involved in planning and sequencing the work to ensure the smoothness of the project.”

Mr DB (Technip OCM): “Mr X and his team were a great addition to the team. Always there to lend a hand when asked. Professional approach to the tasks assigned completed in a safe and timely manner. Mr X is a leader and his team worked for him. A full effort at all times. Knowledgeable about the procedures and SWL’S of the rigging in use.”

Mr JG (Shell): “Great communicator. Respected by his team, easy to understand the work scope because of his experience. Will recommend for future projects. A true asset to the success of the project. ”

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