MADURA BD- T&I – Mooring & Hook up

MADURA BD- T&I – Mooring & Hook up

MADURA BD- T&I – Mooring & Hook up

Location : Indonesia
Project Type : FPSO,  AHTS and RIV
Date : 2016


Intervention on WHP preparation, flexible and cable installation:

  1. pre-lay FSPO Moorings
  2. FPSO hook-up
  3. riser and umbilical hook-up
  4. riser and umbilical mechanical completion/testing/pre-commissioning
  5. floating hose installation

Type of personnel: Rigging – RAT – HSE


The Madura BD gas field is located in the Madura Strait production sharing contract (PSC), offshore East Java, Indonesia, approximately 65km east of Surabaya and 16km south of Madura Island. First gas from the field is expected in 2017.

The objective of Madura project was to develop a wellhead platform; an offshore spread moored converted tanker based Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) with gas processing facilities and self-sufficient offsite and utility systems; Gas metering Station (GMS) at onshore; 10” Multiphase flexible riser connecting wellhead platform to FPSO, 16” gas export flexible riser connecting FPSO to wellhead platform (WHP) and 16” export gas pipeline from WHP to GMS.


Mr DNJI : “I want to thank you for the excellent performance on the Phase 2 works. You and your teams worked with efficiency and safety. The behaviour and general good spirit of your team have filtered down through the ranks on my crew. This lead to a high level of cooperation that flowed in both directions.

This cooperation was not requested; it occurred naturally. As we both witnessed the minds of the men remained on the work, and the level of good safety behaviour increased as an inevitable by-product of this working atmosphere.

Congratulations on a tough job well done !”

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