Post-Fukushima Projet France

Post-Fukushima Projet France

Post-Fukushima Projet France

Advise and expertise

The DUS (Diesel Ultime Secours) project aims to equip all nuclear power plants in France with a backup solution in the event of failure of existing backup equipment and systems by restoring temporary power supply; in order to avoid the recurrence of an incident such as the Fukushima plant experienced in 2011.

The supervision of subcontractors, was entrusted to Naurex, this consisted in supplying highly qualified professionals on site in various fields, such as: HVAC, electrical, mechanical, control command, logistics; as well as experts overseeing the project from a more general point of view: Unit Managers, DUS Building Coordinators and Site Support Engineers.

Start date: May 2017
End date: August 2019

Unit 2 Start date: January 2018
End date: August-2019

Start date: March 2018
End date: Q3 -2019

Unti1 Start date: July 2018

Building Coordinator DUS

End date: Q4 – 2019

Assignment details

Sector: Nuclear

Assignment date: 2014 – Ongoing

Location: France

Positions HELD :

    • Unit Supervisor
  • Electrica
  • l Supervisor
  • I&C Supervisor
  • HVAC Supervisor
  • Mechanical Supervisor
  • Logistics Supervisor
  • Logistics Assistant
  • Support Site Engineer

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